The Experts Weigh In.
ProBiora® Oral-Care Probiotics Work.

What Leading Dental Professionals are Saying

ProBiora oral-care probiotics work in your mouth the same way gut probiotics work in your gut—by pushing out bad bacteria with good bacteria. And the experts agree! Trusted by dental professionals for over 10 years, ProBiora is changing the way people think about the benefits of oral-care probiotics and the impact a healthy mouth can have on our overall health.

Here are just a few quotes from those who know — Dental Professionals:

“Any dentist, if you ask them, have patients that they’ve treated and didn’t get the results they wanted. The one I struggled with the most was my mother. My mother had periodontitis and for years I would treat her, and it would go away, but always come back. Then she started using ProBioraPro, and suddenly, it goes away and stays away.” – Dr. David Boag, DDS

“In my opinion ProBioraPro is at the forefront because one of the best things you can do for your patients is help manage their conditions whether it be dental caries or periodontal disease, and by introducing an oral-care probiotic, it’s the exact thing every patient needs.” – Dr. James S. Carreiro, DMD, PA

“ProBioraPro really compliments our treatment in the office by giving the patient something to do every day that increases the health in their mouth. We see that their tissues are much healthier, the patient notices they don’t have as much odor, and the teeth do get a little whiter… but most of all, we see on a post test showing their DNA, that the bacterial load has gone down and that the bad bacteria have not been able to grow back.” – Patti DeMatteis, RDH, AS