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ProBiora Is Easy to Use


You can take ProBiora at any time of day and achieve results, but taking ProBiora at bedtime is more effective!

After brushing your teeth, chew or let a mint dissolve on your tongue.

Notice healthier teeth and gums, whiter teeth and fresher breath in as little as thirty days.

If you use mouthwash, wait 30 minutes before taking ProBiora.


The Research on Our Approach

“Inhibits plaque, gingivitis, and oral thrush.”

- Orthodontics Magazine, 2020

“Reduces oral biofilm and freshens breath.”

- Inside Dentistry, 2020

“Reduces oral inflammation, bleeding gums, and bad breath.”

- Modern Hygienist, 2013

Learn more about the science of dental probiotics.

“ProBiora works for my patients again and again, for a variety of oral health issues. I believe this is the fluoride of the future.”

– Dr. Witt Wilkerson, DDS

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