ProBioraPro FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microbial organisms that are naturally present throughout the body. They are often referred to as “beneficial” or “good” bacteria. There are specific strains of probiotics that are beneficial for helping to make your pets’ breath fresher and promoting cleaner, whiter teeth. These probiotics are different from the good bacteria used to promote digestive health. The good bacteria in ProBioraPlus work by crowding out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, resulting in fresher breath and cleaner, whiter teeth.

Is ProBioraPlus safe?

Yes. ProBioraPlus contains beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in healthy mouths. Our key ingredient, the ProBiora3 probiotic blend, contains only local-acting bacteria for the mouth; they do not interact as they go through the digestive process into the gut. There is nothing to break down or absorb. Its action is restricted to the tooth surface and the gum tissue.

What are the ingredients in ProBioraPlus?

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 100 Million CFU ProBiora3® (Streptococcus uberis KJ2®, Streptococcus oralis KJ3®, Streptococcus rattus JH145®) INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Isomalt, Inulin, Glyceryl Behenate, PeppermintFlavor (natural), Spearmint Flavor (natural), Stevia Rebaudioside A (97%) Contains: Milk. Trace levels of milk proteins from probioticsfermentation. Soy-, wheat-, nut- and gluten-free.

Can I take ProBioraPlus if I am taking medication?

Yes. There are no known interactions between ProBioraPlus and medications. In fact, it is wise to use ProBioraPlus during and after a course of antibiotics, which can disrupt the bacterial balance in the mouth. As with use for any medication, it is suggested that you check with your Doctor/Dentist or Pharmacist for more information.

Can I give ProBioraPlus to my children?

Yes. ProBioraPlus is safe for all ages, however, since ProBioraPlus is a mint, it should only be given to children who are old enough to chew mints without risk of choking.

Do I need to take ProBioraPlus if I already take probiotics?

Absolutely. While other probiotics are designed for gut health, only ProBioraPlus contains the probiotics that support healthy gums and teeth, freshen breath and make smiles whiter and brighter.

Do I need to keep ProBioraPlus refrigerated?

No. ProBioraPlus is shelf-stable at room temperature. The beneficial bacteria in this revolutionary probiotic tablet are freeze dried and activate on contact with your saliva.

What is the best way to use ProBioraPlus?

For best results, the ideal time to use ProBioraPlus is immediately after brushing your teeth, since brushing removes the surface particles and leaves the surface of your teeth in the best condition for the probiotics to attach and colonize. You can also use ProBioraPlus if you are unable to brush your teeth immediately after eating a meal and it will still provide positive results. The beneficial bacteria will help keep harmful bacteria in check. Just place the ProBioraPlus probiotic tablet in your mouth, let it fully dissolve naturally, and you’re ready to go! It’s like having a portable mouth rinse. ProBioraPlus is also simple for traveling, as it’s not a liquid and it does not require refrigeration.

Will ProBioraPlus make my gums and teeth sensitive?

No, not only will ProBioraPlus not make your gums and teeth sensitive, it will actually help to support the health of your gums and teeth. Fast-acting conventional whiteners using high concentrations of harsh, chemical hydrogen peroxide for short contact times, create tooth sensitivity and can cause gum inflammation. This high concentration of harsh, chemical hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals is hard on teeth and can create pitting (rough surface textures) and etching, making otherwise healthy teeth more prone to staining. The beneficial bacteria in ProBioraPlus naturally produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide that create continual contact with the teeth, whitening without sensitivity or gum irritation. ProBioraPlus is the only complete oral care probiotic for 24-hour-a-day coverage.

Is ProBioraPlus safe for dentures, caps, crowns, braces, dental appliances and sleep aids?

Absolutely. Unlike other commercially available whitening products, the ProBioraPlus probiotic mint is completely safe and effective for use with dentures, veneers, caps, dental bridges, crowns, braces, dental appliances and sleep aids. It’s also a great way to provide additional support in maintaining gum and tooth health for those who wear oral braces.

How long until I see results?

ProBioraPlus starts to work immediately. Most customers notice a difference within 30 days of use.

If I am a tobacco user will I get benefits from ProBioraPlus?

Yes, ProBioraPlus is an ideal product for tobacco users. ProBioraPlus can help decrease some of the oral health problems created by tobacco use, especially yellowing, stained teeth.

Do I need mouthwash if I am using ProBioraPlus?

No. ProBioraPlus is a safe, effective and economical way to replace all mouthwashes, breath fresheners and tooth whitening products.

Can I chew the ProBioraPlus tablet and still get benefits?

The targeted probiotics contained in the ProBioraPlus probiotic mint are released as the tablet dissolves in the mouth. For best results, avoid chewing the mint and allow it to naturally melt in the mouth. If you choose to chew and break the mint, allow the smaller pieces to dissolve in your mouth without swallowing them.