ProBiora Kids® Dental

ProBiora Kids® is the professional-strength probiotic mint that helps restore and maintain the proper balance of beneficial oral bacteria after professional cleanings, treatments and procedures.


How to Add ProBiora to Your Routine

To add the Power of ProBiora to your oral-care regimen, follow these simple steps.

Make It A Bedtime Ritual

You can take ProBiora at any time of day and achieve results, but taking ProBiora at bedtime is more effective to repopulate that good bacteria.

Give It Time

After brushing your teeth, chew and swish the tablet for 30 seconds or simply let the tablet dissolve on your tongue to allow for the probiotics to get to work.

Gargle, Wait, Dissolve

Mouthwash kills all bacteria, including the good. So, if you use mouthwash, wait 30 minutes and then take ProBiora to replenish that good bacteria in your mouth.

Experience the Difference

In as little as 30 days, ProBiora has repopulated the good bacteria, crowding out the bad, and leaving you with healthier teeth and gums, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.

How ProBiora Kids Transforms Your Child’s Oral Health

ORAL PROBIOTIC FOR KIDS: The ProBiora Kids oral-care probiotics are designed especially for children to help support their tooth and gum wellness. ProBiora Kids works just like ProBiora, our original oral-care probiotics, but it’s just for kids! It helps fight:

  • cavities
  • periodontitis
  • gingivitis
  • bleeding gums
  • oral inflammation
  • the formation of oral biofilm

NATURAL PROBIOTICS FOR KIDS: These daily tablets can keep your mouth feeling fresh longer between brushings and dental cleanings, knocking out the bad bacteria at the root cause of halitosis.

PROMOTES DENTAL HYGIENE:  Taking one ProBiora Kids children’s probiotics mint a day helps your child establish a positive dental routine and prevent gum issues and bad breath. Create a daily schedule with your child to help promote better mouth care.

SAFE WITH BRACES AN OTHER DENTAL APPLIANCES: Oral care during orthodontic treatments can be challenging. ProBiora is safe to use with orthodontic braces, bands and wires, dentures, caps, crowns, and other dental appliances.

BETTER DENTAL VISITS: These oral tablets can help increase tooth and gum wellness, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. Your child’s dentist will notice the difference, and so will you.

ALL NATURAL: Our dentist-recommended oral care probiotics are made with 100% natural ingredients, getting the job done safely.

ALLEGEN FREE: Soy, wheat, nut, and gluten free.

Peer reviewed research provides evidence that S. oralis, S. uberis, and S. rattus, the probiotic bacteria in our patented ProBiora3 blend, inhibit the growth of oral pathogenic bacteria (see our Knowledge library for more details). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why ProBiora is Right for You and Your Family

Benefits You Can Feel

ProBiora’s line of probiotics naturally fill the mouth with the beneficial bacteria it needs for healthier teeth and gums, crowding out the harmful bacteria and restoring the mouth’s natural balance leaving it feeling cleaner and fresher everyday.

The Proof is in the Patent

With a proprietary and patented blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, ProBiora offers the only probiotics that specifically target and live on your teeth and gums. It’s a game changer

The Mouth/Body Connection

Your mouth is the gateway to your body, from what you eat to what you drink… even what you breathe. If your mouth isn’t healthy, you won’t be healthy. It’s really that simple.

The Science of ProBiora3®

A patented formula, ProBiora3 is what separates ProBiora from other oral-care probiotics. Discovered by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, this proprietary formula is a blend of three naturally occurring strains of good bacteria. Native to the teeth and gums, ProBiora3 is what empowers our ProBiora products to be so effective in supporting gum and tooth health — a breakthrough achieved by pushing out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products contain probiotic strains that are native to the mouth and active in promoting gum health. ProBioraPlus® and ProBioraPro® contain trace levels of milk from probiotic fermentation. Our products are 100% Natural, Non-GMO , soy-free, wheat-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.

Most other probiotics work in the gut, only ProBiora works for the teeth and gums.

Within 30 days. It starts working immediately, most see results with their first order.

No. It’s a safe, effective way to replace mouthwash.

Yes. There are no known interactions with other medications. In fact, it’s recommended to take probiotics during and after a course of antibiotics to replenish your biome. Ask you doctor and/or dentist to advise on your particular situation.

No. It will work to strengthen your teeth and gums, unlike many teeth-whitening bleaches.

Yes. It also supports tooth and gum strength for those who wear orthodontia (braces, etc.).

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