ProBiora for Dogs® Dental

ProBiora for Dogs® is the professional-strength probiotic mint that helps restore and maintain the proper balance of beneficial oral bacteria after professional cleanings, treatments and procedures.

How ProBiora for Dogs Tranforms Your Oral Health

From bad breath to larger health issues, your pet’s oral health matters. Brushing and chewies are fine; giving them ProBiora helps like nothing else.

A POWDER THEY’LL LIKE: Just sprinkle it on their food once a day. It’s dry, odorless and flavorless so they barely notice it. If they get wet food, mix it in.

IT WORKS IN THE MOUTH: Not in the gut. It works on their teeth and gums, where it’s most important.

BALANCES THE ORAL BIOME: Pets eat strange stuff sometimes. This is how to keep their mouth from getting unhealthy.

ONCE A DAY: Easy, no mess, part of the healthiest routine.

NATURAL: Just natural probiotics that are native to the mouth already, to restore the balance.

ProBiora for Dogs is Right for You, if:

Your pet has persistent bad breath, inflamed gums, plaque and tartar, or some other oral malady

You are tired of the risk and expense involved in professional teeth cleanings

You want a safe, natural product that will keep your pet’s mouth healthy and kissable

The Science of ProBiora3®

A patented formula, ProBiora3 is what separates ProBiora from other oral-care probiotics. Discovered by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, this proprietary formula is a blend of three naturally occurring strains of good bacteria. Native to the teeth and gums, ProBiora3 is what empowers our ProBiora products to be so effective in supporting gum and tooth health — a breakthrough achieved by pushing out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within your first order. Most pets show noticeable improvement in bad breath within one month.

Yes. Many pets are finicky eaters, so we make ProBioraPet odorless and flavorless. Sprinkle it on their food and they will taste the food they already love.

No. Our formula is for the mouth of your pet. It doesn’t work through the gut or bloodstream, so one scoop works for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Yes. This all-natural blend is beneficial for allergic, medicated, and especially older pets.

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