Education & Consulting Network

The ProBiora Health Professional Educational Consulting Network

Passionate about education & consulting

The ProBiora Health Professional Educational Consulting Network (EdNet) is a group of respected Dental Hygienists who are passionate about educating and consulting with dental professionals about the benefits of ProBioraPro oral-care probiotics to improve the health of their patients and maintain optimal oral health over the long term.

Our highly trained Professional Educators provide educational Lunch & Learns for offices nationwide to explain how ProBioraPro probiotics repopulate, replenish and restore the good bacteria needed to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. They consult with dental teams on the latest research and the value of oral-care probiotics in battling patients’ most common dental issues.

Schedule a Lunch & Learn

When you schedule a ProBioraPro Lunch & Learn, your office can expect the following:

  • Learn about the clinical research behind and benefits of recommending ProBioraPro to your patients
  • Free lunch provided to all attendees
  • Each attendee receives a special code for a great discount + sample bottle of ProBioraPro
  • Literature and resources for your patients

Looking to learn more before scheduling a Lunch & Learn?

  • Brief, one-on-one consultation to discuss the benefits of ProBioraPro for your patients and your practice
  • Preliminary virtual discussion with one of our team members

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