What Happened When I Took The 30 Day Oral Health Challenge

A unique oral care probiotic mint, called ProBioraPlus helps restore the natural occurring good bacteria in the mouth.  I took ProBioraPlus for 30 days and here to report my progress.

I’ve had a reoccurring nightmare for the past 25 years or so.  The nightmare usually begins in the dental chair, where I am having yet another dental procedure.  While the Dentist is working in my mouth, my teeth begin to crack, chip and fall out.  My nightmare is not so much from the fear of going to the Dentist but the fear of my teeth falling out.  Call it bad genetics mixed with insufficient oral care as an adolescent, I’ve had so many dental procedures that I lost count.  From cavity fillings, to root canals and even a couple of tooth implants; I can safely say that my teeth are cause for concern.  So when I was asked if I wanted to take the ProBioraPlus 30 day oral health challenge, I jumped at the opportunity!

How does ProBioraPlus work?

When the dissolvable mint probiotic, ProBioraPlus, is taken it floods the mouth with naturally occurring good bacteria.  These beneficial bacteria compete for nutrients and geography. The bad bacteria do not coexist well with ProBioraPlus in the gums and on the teeth and therefore, with daily reinforcement, ProBiora wins the territory game.  When used once a day, ProBioraPlus adds millions of good bacteria, leading to a better balance of bacteria in the mouth. It drives out the bacteria that causes gum disease, tooth decay and less-than-fresh breath. Results can include: fresher breath, whiter teeth and an overall healthier mouth..

My 30 Day Oral Challenge Results

The literature on ProBioraPlus discusses its support of gum and tooth health, whiter teeth and fresher breath.  While I’ve never been plagued with bad breath, I had suffered a bit in the yellow teeth department and certainly in puffy/bleeding gums.  One may find it hard to believe because I suffer with many tooth issues, I do brush and floss daily.  Despite this daily care, my gums bleed with ever single floss session.  One of the biggest results I noticed after 30 days using ProBioraPlus was the bleeding has completely stopped when i floss.  I have to admit, although I am a true believer in the benefits of probiotics, I was not sure if ProBioraPlus could aid in helping my oral alignments in which I have suffered for over 25 years now.  But indeed, my gums feel healthier, the bleeding has stopped and I have noticed my teeth look a bit whiter.  I am hoping with continued use of ProBioraPlus, the whitening of my teeth will become even ore apparently.  But all and all, I am thrilled with my results and will continue to take ProBioraPlus for my continued aid in my oral health!

February is National Heart Health Month

Did you know oral care issues have been linked to not only heart disease but to diabetes, cancer and other conditions?  That is right, the same bad bacteria found in your mouth is also found in the arterial plaque in heart disease.  This information has always concerned me since I’ve had so many oral issues in the past.  These worries are becoming a thing of the past now that I’m more proactive with my oral health and have incorporated ProBioraPlus into my daily oral routine!

Original Post by Mandie of Guide 4 Moms