What Happened When I Took a 30-Day Oral Health Care Challenge

Every year many of us make New Year resolutions to try and change bad habits we previously had. Some give up junk food, others exercise all while trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I decided to pick a word that represents what I wanted out of 2019. It was “fearless”. I have often struggled with being my own worst enemy and I find it easier to talk myself out most dreams I have because of it. For the year 2019 I decided I would no longer be my own worst enemy but rather have faith that I can achieve my dreams step by step, day by day living a life of fearlessness.

Part of my journey was eliminating bad habits I have and replace them with healthier options. In January, I cut out pop ( or Soda if you are from the South). I replaced high levels of starch on our plates for more fruits and veggies. I also completed a 30-Day Oral Health Care Challenge!

Oral care issues have been linked to not only heart disease but also diabetes, and Cancer. As you may know I have struggled with Cancer myself and within my family. Taking my heath seriously has never been more vital with my family depending on me. It was time I got more pro-active rather than keep MY needs on the back burner. With the help of ProBioraPlus I have been able to just that!

Despite all we do to take care of our oral health, it’s common to still have issues like cavities or swollen/bleeding gums, which are caused by bad bacteria in the mouth. After years of stressing good hygiene to my son I wanted to make sure I myself was leading a good example. Sometimes brushing and mouth wash are NOT enough! When I first started this challenge I had no idea products like: ProBiora®Plus were even on the market (let alone what they could do for me).

I think we can all agree we have heard about probiotics for your gut? Now there is a oral care probiotic mint, called ProBiora®Plus that helps by restoring the naturally occurring good bacteria in the mouth.

How does ProBiora Plus work?

It floods the mouth with naturally occurring good bacteria. These beneficial bacteria compete for nutrients and geography. The bad bacteria do not coexist well with ProBioraPlus in the gums and on the teeth and therefore with daily reinforcement ProBiora wins the territory game, crowding out the bad bacteria.

My experience with ProBioraPlus

When I first started this challenge, I will admit my expectations were rather low. While I want to have a more active approach to a healthier lifestyle….I had real doubts about whether I would see any results. After completing my first 30 days, I can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised. Not only do I feel good about myself for sticking with my daily routine but my mouth feels fresh and clean. I no longer worry about whether my breathe needs refreshing. I actually smile more which is great when taking those family photos! It is so easy because I simply dissolve one probotic mint a day, that’s it. Having such great results has my son wanting to try them as well.
I really encourage everyone to take the 30-Day Oral Health Care Challenge!

They say: “A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Your mouth is the gateway to your health. When you start feeling healthy it makes sticking with these life changes so much easier! Our mouths impacts more than just teeth and gums – recent research indicates it can have long-term effects on overall health as well.

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By Liz of The Western New Yorker
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