Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Create Healthy Mouth Habits with ProBiora
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Probiotics are great for digestion and gut health but did you know there are also oral care probiotics designed specifically to help with healthier teeth and gums? I’ve been trying to make oral health a priority.

I have teeth that are prone to staining and despite the fact that I do not drink coffee, my teeth are still in need of whitening! Additionally, I tend to get plaque buildup. Since a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, anything that I can do to help keep my mouth as healthy as possible is a definite plus!

Make Your Oral Health Easier!
It’s easy to forget about our oral health and a regular routine can slip off our to-do list (how many times has your dentist told you to floss…and you still forget…I know I’m guilty!) ProBiora Health® has an easy-to-use oral health probiotic to make oral care a simple priority.

ProBiora Health Oral Care Probiotics

When I hear ‘probiotics’ I definitely thought of it more as a digestion thing but I recently discovered ProBiora and learned about using probiotics to help maintain a healthy mouth. ProBiora®Plus is an oral care probiotic that promotes so many good things to help keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

ProBioraPlus is an oral care probiotic mint (they dissolve in your mouth – just like a regular mint) and work by adding millions of good bacteria that drive out the bad bacteria (bad bacteria can cause gum disease, tooth decay and less-than-fresh-breath), resulting in a better balance in your mouth.

Note: do not eat or drink anything for 20-30 minutes after using the product.

Less Plaque & Whiter Teeth!
Since using mine for the past month, I’ve noticed that my teeth seem whiter and have less plaque. My mouth also feels better in the morning – not as dry and fresher breath- definitely a great way to wake up each morning.

The easy-to-use mints are shelf-stable which means they don’t need to be refrigerated. I like to take mine with my regular vitamins at bedtime, so this is perfect!

Healthy Oral Care Habits

There are a number of things you can do to take care of your oral health. I have been really focusing on getting into a routine. In addition to giving oral care probiotics a try, here are a few additional suggestions to help make your mouth happy and healthy:

  • Floss Daily
  • Brush Twice Per Day – for two minutes each time!
  • Visit your dentist twice per year
  • Limit alcohol use
  • Do not use tobacco
  • Give oral care probiotics a try!

Why Oral Care Matters
There are a number of reasons why focusing on your oral health should be a priority. The same bacteria found in your mouth can also be found in arterial plaque. Oral care issues have also been linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions.

Recent research from the Mayo Clinic indicates it can have long-term effects on overall health as well.

Check out ProBioraHealth® and ProBioraPlus to learn more!

Have you tried oral probiotics? What is your routine when it comes to oral health? Tell me about it in the comments!

Post by Lyndsey of Momma Fit Lyndsey

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**There are no known interactions between ProBiora® Plus and medications. In fact, it is wise to use ProBiora®Plus during and after a course of antibiotics, which can disrupt the bacterial balance in the mouth. As with use for any medication, it is suggested that you check with your Doctor/Dentist or Pharmacist for more information.