Bad Breath: The Dirty Secret That Only a Spouse Will Tell You


I can’t remember exactly when my husband’s bad breath started. Its onset, I know, was sudden. All the remedies he tried were temporary. Temporary in that they helped for only a few hours. He brushed his teeth as often as he could. He used mouthwash religiously. Yet the bad breath persisted. We both carried mints to provide him a little relief. And while the mints saved him from some socially embarrassing moments, an hour later that bad breath was back. I knew bad breath had to have a cause, and that there must be a cure.

After doing a little online research, I found a simple breakdown of potential causes for that persistent bad breath at Harvard Health. I discovered that — assuming you don’t smoke, eat foods known to cause bad breath, or practice poor dental hygiene — gum disease is the most common cause of chronic bad breath. So on my husband’s next visit to the dentist, they discussed the problem. His dentist assured him that he didn’t have gum disease, and asked him about dry mouth. But dry mouth wasn’t the cause either. My husband takes medication for heart related issues, and bad breath is sometimes a side effect. His dentist recommended the mouthwash CloSys, considered to be one of the best cures on the market. Fast forward several months, and the chronic bad breath was still an issue. The new mouthwash helped for a few hours … until the inevitable return of his bad breath.

The Breakthrough

The breakthrough solution for my husband’s chronic bad breath came by a chance meeting with Chris Koski at a dinner party. There, she told us about her company ProBiora Health which sells oral care probiotics. Probiotics have real value, I use them myself for better digestion, but I wasn’t interested in switching brands. However, ProBiora probiotics offered something more: they mitigate bad breath (not necessarily ‘cure’). And that’s when my ears perked up.

My interest increased even more when Chris started talking about the science behind ProBiora. She explained the bacterial battle between the harmful and healthy bacteria going on in the mouth. Because oral care probiotics are live bacteria identical to the microorganisms naturally found in your mouth, they don’t just mask bad breath as most products do. In fact, instead of taking something out of the mouth, these probiotics put something back: beneficial bacteria that can crowd out the bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. Unfortunately, diet, stress, medication, illness and a few other factors deplete this good bacteria.

The Science

The science behind the breakthrough is really very simple. By adding oral care probiotics to your daily care regimen, they constantly reinforce the positive bacteria in your mouth and crowd out the unhealthy bacteria, including those behind bad breath. According to their website, ProBiora3 is a proprietary blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, including Streptococcus oralis KJ3®, Streptococcus uberis KJ2®, and Streptococcus rattus JH145®This blend supports gum and tooth health, whiter teeth and fresher breath. But, of course, the proof is in the pudding. We took home some samples that night, and my husband began using them right away. Knowing it might take 30 to 60 days for the product to work effectively, I ordered a 90 day supply of ProBiora Plus.

I can’t remember exactly when my husband’s bad breath went away. I do know that, before our 90 day supply was finished, the problem was gone. ProBiora Health might not call it a cure, but for my husband it certainly was one. Both of us were greatly relieved — mostly me! There really isn’t anything worse than trying to talk with someone sitting beside you who has really bad breath, much less kissing them!!!

Now You Try!

Since gum disease, and even tooth decay, are problems we all need to fear as we age, I’ve started taking ProBiora as well. I love that it keeps my teeth whiter — one other positive benefit I noticed in my husband. And we have another family member enjoying ProBioraPet powder sprinkled on her dog food. Yes, they also make a product for your pets! Jessie doesn’t seem to mind the powder one bit, and her breath is noticeably fresher too!

If you, or a loved one (two or four legged), suffer from bad breath, give ProBioraPlus or ProBioraPet a try!

This article was originally written by Dorthy Miller Shore and published on PrimeWomen


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