The Concerning Relationship Between Diabetes and the Mouth

November is National Diabetes Month, focusing on a disease that affects more than 37 million Americans of all ages. The theme for this year’s National Diabetes Month is ‘Taking Charge of Tomorrow,’ emphasizing steps people with diabetes can take to prevent serious health problems caused by the disease.

One of the most overlooked, significant side effects of diabetes is poor oral health. While oral bacteria in a person with diabetes is no different than in people without diabetes, the body’s exaggerated inflammatory response to the oral bacteria in a person with diabetes can upset the natural bacterial balance of the mouth. This imbalance can lead to dry mouth, cavities, periodontal disease, candidiasis, and other oral health issues that are caused by the mouth’s bad bacteria.

Additionally, diabetes occurs when blood glucose is too high. Dental professionals know that high blood sugar also feeds pathogenic mouth bacteria, contributing to oral health issues. In fact, many patients don’t realize that dry mouth, bad breath, gum disease, and oral infections can be early warning signs of undetected diabetes or that one out of 10 Americans have diabetes and don’t even know it.

As concerning, poor oral health can affect diabetes. For example, studies show that periodontitis can influence glycemic control in diabetes mellitus. That’s why it’s important for people with diabetes to understand how poor oral health can impact their disease and the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth.

Help Patients with Diabetes Take Charge of Their Oral Health with ProBiora Professional Strength Oral-care Probiotics

As a dental professional, you play a critical role in the health of patients with diabetes, as well as those who may be at risk. ProBiora Professional Strength supports dental professionals in helping patients with diabetes restore their mouths’ natural health and oral biome.

Simply adding ProBiora Professional Strength oral-care probiotics to their daily dental hygiene routine can help your patients with diabetes take charge of their oral health.

Backed by 30 years of clinical research, ProBiora’s probiotics for the mouth are formulated with a patented blend of the beneficial mouth bacteria needed to crowd out harmful bacteria, reaching even below the gumline where brushing and flossing can’t. ProBiora Professional Strength oral-care probiotics restore a balanced mouth biome in people with diabetes, helping them maintain a healthier mouth and better overall health. Taken once daily, ProBiora Professional Strength can help your patients better manage oral health problems caused by diabetes, heading off serious problems before they start.

Best of all, Dentist-recommended ProBiora Professional Strength is easy to use and comes in two great-tasting flavors for adults. ProBiora also offers ProBiora Kids for children in an orange creamsicle flavor they love! Simply chew or dissolve one tablet in the mouth before bedtime, right after brushing and flossing. With daily use, patients can experience a healthier mouth, whiter teeth and fresher breath within weeks.

Oral health is critical for patients with diabetes. In November and throughout the year, you can have a significant impact on the oral and overall health of these patients  by talking with them about the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth. Additionally, share with them how ProBiora Professional Strength probiotics for the mouth can help them take charge of their oral health and their tomorrow.

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