ProBiora Health® Introduces Professional Strength Orange, New Flavor Option for Adults

Oral-care leader and originator of oral-care probiotics expands its Professional Strength product offerings following increasing interest and growth

Sarasota, FL (July 11, 2023) – ProBiora Health®, an industry leader in the oral-health space and manufacturer of the original oral-care probiotic, today announced the launch of ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange, providing a new flavor option for adults.

ProBiora Professional Strength, which is sold primarily through dental and orthodontic offices, now comes in two flavor options for adults, including its new Orange flavor and its original Gentle Mint. Additionally, professional offices can offer ProBiora Kids, which comes in a Creamsicle flavor.

ProBiora also is introducing an easier way to give your pet a healthier mouth, fresher breath, and whiter teeth. ProBiora for Dogs and ProBiora for Cats (formerly ProBioraPet) oral-care probiotics come in daily-dose pouches for added convenience. All new and current offerings have been rebranded in new packaging.

The original and only oral-probiotic company that specializes exclusively in oral-care probiotics, ProBiora Health sales grew 50% in the past six months alone. The brand is fast becoming a favorite of dental professionals and consumers alike, thanks to its ease of use (simply dissolve a tablet in the mouth) and proven results.  

“As dental professionals know, even people with excellent oral-care routines face oral-health issues, and that’s because brushing and flossing alone don’t entirely eliminate with the main culprit: bad bacteria,” explained Chris Koski, president and CEO of ProBiora Health. “Only ProBiora repopulates the mouth’s clinically-proven good bacteria, which crowd out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and gum issues such as gingivitis.”

With a proprietary and patented blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, ProBiora offers the only probiotics from the mouth, for the mouth. These good bacterial strains specifically target the bad bacteria that live on people’s and pets’ teeth and gums. Repopulating the mouth’s good bacteria is critical because left untreated, the harmful mouth bacteria can overtake the oral biome, leading to infections such as tooth decay, gum disease, and more. This is key because other brands of oral-care probiotics contain bacteria from the sinus, throat, or gut.

Furthermore, studies show that oral bacteria and the inflammation of periodontitis could play a role in some serious health issues and diseases, including cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications, and Alzheimer’s disease. Adding ProBiora probiotics to the oral-care regimen is a simple and effective way to improve not just oral-biome health, but overall well-being.

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About ProBiora Health

Based in Sarasota, FL, ProBiora Health is committed to improving the oral health of people and pets around the world. The company brings the science of probiotics to oral care by developing and marketing a complete line of proprietary oral-care probiotics that are based on clinical research and specifically designed to enhance oral health for humans and pets. The complete ProBiora Health® product line includes ProBiora for adults in three flavor options, ProBiora Kids, and ProBiora Professional Strength for adults in two flavor options. Additionally, ProBiora provides four offerings for pets including ProBiora for Dogs; ProBiora for Cats; ProBiora for Dogs Pouches, and ProBiora for Cats Pouches, which are currently available at, and online retailers including,,,,, and ProBiora for Dogs is also available at approximately 500 Walmart stores throughout the U.S. For more information, visit

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