ProBiora Health Featured in Dental Products Report Review

review conducted by Denise Terese-Koch, Dean, College of Dental Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University

Hello, my name is Denise Terese-Koch, and I’m the Dean of the College of Dental Medicine, which opened in 2022, at Lincoln Memorial University in Knoxville, TN.  I was a practicing dentist for more than 29  years and have been in Academia since 2014. I believe the oral cavity is the intersection between medicine and dentistry. It is a window into the general health of the patient. From the start of my career through today, dental caries remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable.  Traditional professional products used for high caries rates include fluoride trays and varnishes.

Of course, fluoride is very important to maintain oral health. But today there is an adjunct therapy that will vastly improve oral health by balancing the microbiome. Due to more than 30 years of peer-reviewed research by dental scientists studying the oral microbiome, oral-care probiotics are now available.  Options offered by ProBiora Health are the only oral-care probiotics available that actually impact the oral microbiome.

How do oral-care probiotics work?  Available only through ProBiora Health, each ProBioraPro lozenge contains a proprietary combination of strains of three beneficial bacteria – Streptococcus oralis KJ3®, Streptococcus uberis KJ2®, and Streptococcus rattus JH145® – branded as ProBiora3 – which supports gum and tooth health. Activated by saliva, as the positive bacteria are released, they colonize on tooth surfaces and along the gum lines, in essence crowding out the pathogenic bacteria. We all know it’s the pathogenic bacteria which lead to caries, gingivitis, and gum disease and often to chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease, among others. ProBioraPro, an easy to use at-home oral hygiene tool, is making an incredible impact on oral health. Dental offices can dispense it, and patients can also purchase it online. 

From my professional perspective, oral-care probiotics are a hugely important adjunct, really a game changer, when it comes to daily oral hygiene routines.  Unlike fluoride trays and varnishes, which are effective for a relatively short amount of time, when used daily, oral-care probiotics provide positive benefits for as long as they are in use.  In as little as two weeks, the pathogenic bacterial load is significantly lessened.  As their use becomes more widespread, individuals will discover enhanced oral health and potentially their overall health will improve. 

After all, a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. 

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