ProBiora Encourages Women to Prioritize their Health during May’s Women’s  Health Month

It’s May, and time to celebrate women and moms with both Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Month. Women’s Health Month aims to empower women of all ages to prioritize their health and learn what steps they can take towards doing so. Too often women put their health on the backburner, prioritizing the needs of their families and others before their own.

Women’s Health Month is a great opportunity to start taking small steps to improve your health and wellness. And one of the easiest and important ways to do that is by prioritizing your oral care. Maintaining good oral health is a crucial, often overlooked, aspect of overall wellness for women, including moms-to-be, and ProBiora Health is proud to provide an easy way to help support oral and total body health.

ProBiora oral-care probiotics help to support optimal mouth health with a patented blend of naturally occurring good bacteria that help to crowd out harmful bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and more. Incorporating once-daily ProBiora oral-care probiotics into a dental-hygiene routine is a simple way women of all ages can keep their smiles healthy and bright.

This is especially important during pregnancy, when hormonal changes can make women more susceptible to a range of oral health issues, dentists recommend ProBiora oral-care probiotics to expectant mothers because the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease can also lead to complications during pregnancy, such as preterm labor and low birth weight.

 “An expectant mom’s oral health impacts her fetus’ health, too,” says Dr. Mark L. Cannon, DDS MS.

Simply by taking all-natural ProBiora probiotics for the mouth at night after brushing, expectant mothers can help promote better overall health for themselves and their baby-to-be – for years to come! Learn more in this video with Dr. Cannon.

ProBiora oral-care probiotics aren’t just for expectant mothers, of course – moms and women of all ages can benefit. By helping to balance the oral microbiome, ProBiora pushes out the bad bacteria that causes gum disease, bad breath, as well as more serious long-term health issues affecting the heart, lungs and kidneys. With daily use, women can enjoy fresher breath and whiter teeth within just a few weeks!

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Incorporating ProBiora into daily oral-care routines is an easy and effective way to support oral and overall health. Try it today and SAVE!

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