ProBiora Debuts a Brand New Look and Name Changes – Still the Same Great Products!

The entire ProBiora product line has received a makeover just in time for spring!

ProBiora Health provides oral-care probiotics in four distinct offerings for the whole family. Re-introducing ProBiora (formerly ProBioraPlus)ProBiora Extra Minty (formerly ProBioraXtra), ProBiora Kids, and ProBiora for Dogs and ProBiora for Cats (formerly ProBioraPet)

Our probiotics for the mouth now come in bright yellow packaging that’s as easy to spot as that first daffodil, while packages of ProBiora Professional Strength (formerly ProBioraPro) will transition to a white background that is as white as your ProBiora smile.  

But don’t worry, the original dentist-recommended oral-care probiotic is still the same product and provides the same great benefits for your mouth and overall health. ProBiora’s patented blend of good mouth bacteria works by crowding out the bad bacteria that cause gum disease, tooth decay, cavities and bad breath. Taken once daily at bedtime after brushing keeps your family’s smiles their healthiest.

Still receiving our classic look? For a limited time, you may still receive either packaging, depending on inventory. Check out the full line up.

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