Have you Discovered you Have Bad Breath?


The information surrounding the effectiveness of wearing a mask as a useful measure in maintaining our health differs from state to state, but one thing remains constant. In the midst of wearing a mask, you may have discovered a new issue: YOU have bad breath!

Naturally, you’ve gone on a search to get rid of your unbeknownst to you, bad breath. Once a medical condition has been ruled out and you’ve tried mouth wash, gum chewing and mint popping, it’s time you tried ProBioraPlus or ProBioraXtra, which contains probiotics specifically to keep your mouth healthy which can be the source of your bad breath.

These innovative products from ProBiora Health, help you maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as fresh breath even in between regular trips to your dentist. This oral-care company has developed new products that incorporate naturally occurring probiotic bacteria that is already in your mouth to target bad breath and promote gum health.

ProBiora3 is a blend of three beneficial streptococcus strains. These freeze-dried healthy bacteria work by competing with bad-breath causing pathogens and forcing them off of your teeth and out of your gum tissue. As an added bonus, the natural byproduct of the probiotics’ metabolism is hydrogen peroxide, which acts to whiten teeth over time with continued use.

Things like diet, coffee, alcohol, smoking habits, and dental hygiene are potential causes for persistent bad breath, but if you’ve made changes in these areas and are still having issues, an overgrowth of bad bacteria may be to blame. Many other oral care treatments simply mask bad breath, only for the problem to resurface hours later. ProBioraPlus and ProBIoraXtra work differently than other oral care products by actually crowding out the microorganisms that cause poor gum health by repopulating your mouth with beneficial bacteria that crowd out the bad guys and supporting a healthy mouth.

Available as dissolve-in-your-mouth mints or as a powder for your pets (yes, really!), ProBiora Health has a product that will fit your needs and address the problem many are too embarrassed to discuss openly.

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