Preventing Irreversible White Spot Lesions from Braces

The big day has arrived – your braces have come off! But what are those white spots on your teeth?!?

Braces and other orthodontic equipment can make oral care challenging during treatment, commonly leading to the development of irreversible white spot lesions on teeth, permanent milky white spots or lines where brackets or wires used to be. It’s a frustrating and disappointing outcome, and even patients that brush and floss as directed may still have white spot lesions after their braces come off. Why?

As orthodontist Dr. Ashley Kisling from SOCO Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA explains in her latest TikTok video, it’s due to the battle going on in our mouths between the good and bad bacteria. Braces and other orthodontic equipment make fighting the bad bacteria in your mouth more difficult, causing an imbalance in the mouth. “The bad bacteria produce an acid that eat away at the tooth’s structure,” says Dr. Kisling.

The only way to avoid white spot lesions after braces is to prevent them from the start. Good oral care with regular brushing and flossing is important, but it’s only half of the battle. You also need to replace the good bacteria the mouth needs to crowd out the bad, restoring the mouth’s natural biome and health.  

That’s why Dr. Kisling recommends easily adding ProBiora probiotics for the mouth to your daily oral-care routine. ProBiora replenishes the good bacteria your mouth needs to stay its healthiest, fighting the bad bacteria where brushing and flossing can’t reach, such as around and underneath your braces, as well as below the gumline. Plus, ProBiora probiotics for the mouth are made with 100% natural ingredients and completely safe to use with braces and other orthodontic equipment!

You invest a lot in creating a healthy, beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment. Help avoid the irreversible damage of white spot lesions by completing your oral care with ProBiora probiotics for the mouth.

Watch Dr. Kisling’s TikTok Video