What’s that smell?

We surveyed pet owners in North America about their pet’s breath. And while the results aren’t too surprising, the good news is that the bacteria source of pet breath can be addressed! Fifty-eight percent of pet owners said their pets have terrible breath, and they weren’t shy about describing their pet’s breath either. Here’s how they compared their pet’s breath:

Gross. But surprisingly, smelly breath doesn’t keep pet owners from showing the love. Only 19 percent said bad breath stopped them from getting close to or kissing their pets, while a whopping 81 percent said bad breath didn’t stop them from being cuddly close with their pets. (We didn’t survey human marriage partners, but we wonder if the results would be the same.)

We also asked respondents if they would consider a product that freshens breath and improves oral health. A whopping 91 percent of pet parents said yes. Is fresher breath just around the corner for American pets? We certainly hope so. Some pet parents are already in the know. In a separate poll of ProBioraPet® customers, 88 percent reported that their pets’ breath has improved since using they started giving it to their pets. Several reported their pet’s breath is ‘now sweet enough for them to give me kisses’ and ‘their breath is clean even in the car with the windows rolled up!’

ProBioraPet replenishes the beneficial bacteria in your dog or cat’s mouth which, in turn, crowds out the bad bacteria which causes bad breath and can lead to serious health problems. All it takes just one scoop a day to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and their breath fresh. Click here to get your pet started on a healthy oral routine and say buh-bye to smelly breath!