Why oral health should be considered a priority in athletes.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been inspired by the amazing achievements of the world’s greatest athletes. They show us the possibilities of human aspiration—and the human body. There’s something athletes (and their coaches, families and friends) should be aware of. The FDI World Dental Federation reports that people who regularly participate in sports are more likely to suffer from dental conditions such as erosion and dental caries (tooth decay), xerostomia (dry mouth) and trauma. These aren’t just cosmetic issues—they can directly affect sports performance.

How can sports affect oral health?
Athletes and sports lovers are exposed to a number of factors that increase their risk of developing dental issues including dehydration, stress, and the sugars and acids contained in sports foods and beverages. Swimmers, for example, are at higher risk of having dental erosion due to the acidic environment in chlorinated pools. Sports-related stress has been related to a host of oral conditions, from caries to teeth grinding.

Why does oral health matter?
According to the Sports Dentistry guidelines developed by the FDI World Dental Federation, “oral disease can affect your athletic performance and your general health.” Taking care of your mouth keeps it healthy and helps you maintain your general health, which is essential when practicing sports.” Tooth decay and periodontal diseases can cause inflammations and infections in your body. Pain from a dental emergency during an athletic competition can cause you to perform poorly.

Aim for the “gold” of oral health
The good news for athletes is that many of these problems are preventable, and it doesn’t take hours of practice to do it! Just follow this simple routine:

  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Avoid sugary sports drinks and snacks
  • Add ProBiora Health® oral-care probiotics to daily home-care routines. These proprietary strains of probiotics replenish and restore the beneficial bacteria in the mouth, while naturally crowding out the harmful bacteria that cause plaque, disease and decay.

The Sports Dentistry Guidelines make it clear that oral health is an important factor in helping athletes perform their best. We can’t guarantee you a record-beating performance on the track or field, but we can tell you this: A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. And with the help of ProBiora Health® oral-care probiotics, you’ll always reach for your personal best.