New Flavor Joins Your ProBiora Favorites

A fresh new flavor is here! To give you more flavor options, ProBiora has added Orange to our flavor lineup for adults. Enjoy this exciting and tasty new flavor option in addition to the ones you and your family already know and love, such as ProBiora Hint of Mint (formerly ProBioraPlus) and Extra Minty (formerly ProBioraXtra) for adults, and ProBiora Kids in Orange Creamsicle.

No matter which ProBiora flavor is your favorite, rest assured that it’s as effective as ever. By repopulating the mouth’s good bacteria, ProBiora oral-care probiotics fight the disease-causing, bad bacteria that lead to bad breath, cavities, gum infections, and even more serious health issues.

Simply dissolve or chew one or more tablets daily at bedtime after brushing. By adding ProBiora to your family’s daily oral-care routines, you can expect to achieve fresher breath, whiter teeth, and a healthier mouth within as little as 30 days!

ProBiora also now comes in bright yellow packaging, but it’s the same great product you love – just a new look. Still receiving our former packaging? No worries. For a limited time, you may still receive either packaging, depending on inventory.

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