Improve the Whole Family’s Dental Health with ProBiora’s Line of Products

As summer ends and back-to-school is approaching, now is the perfect time to remind your patients to re-establish oral care routines for the entire family…pets, too! ProBiora Professional Strength (and our entire product line) is clinically proven to work for all ages, going beyond brushing and flossing to help keep your patients’ mouths healthy.

A New Partner in Oral Care

ProBiora Health® is an industry leader in the oral-care space, offering the only probiotics from the mouth, for the mouth. (This is key because other brands of oral-care probiotics contain bacteria from the sinuses, throat, or gut.) Taken daily, ProBiora Professional Strength repopulates the mouth with clinically proven good bacteria, which crowd out the disease-causing bad bacteria and rebalance the mouth’s oral biome.

The result? Your patients (of all ages!) will benefit from fresher breath, whiter teeth, and improved oral health in as little as 30 days.  

A Nightly Dental Routine to Anticipate

ProBiora is an easy and tasty addition to the nightly dental routine, even for kids who are reluctant to brush and floss. ProBiora Professional Strength and ProBiora Kids bring dentist-recommended balance to patients’ oral biomes while also freshening breath, whitening teeth, and improving overall mouth health.

And don’t forget about the four-legged members of the family with ProBiora for Dogs and ProBiora for Cats. A tasteless, odorless powder that blends in with their food, they are an easy way to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

Traditionally available in ProBiora’s best-selling ‘Gentle Mint’ flavor, adult patients now have another option: ProBiora Professional Strength Orange, featuring the natural sweetness and refreshing taste of orange. ProBiora Kids comes in a delicious Orange Creamsicle flavor that younger patients love, making it a breeze to incorporate into the nightly routine.

One Tablet, Many Benefits

Simply by adding a ProBiora Professional Strength tablet to a patient’s nightly oral-care regimen, you can help to make a big difference in their at-home dental care and overall dental health. ProBiora Professional Strength and ProBiora Kids provide extra support in the treatment of persistent oral-health issues, fighting the mouth’s bad bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and gum issues such as gingivitis.

Plus, in addition to supporting your oral health, studies show that oral bacteria and the inflammation of periodontitis could play a role in some serious health issues and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications, and Alzheimer’s disease. Adding ProBiora Professional Strength probiotics to the oral-care regimen is a simple and effective way to improve not just oral-biome health, but overall well-being.

Want to learn more about how ProBiora Professional Strength and ProBiora Kids can improve your patients’ between-visits oral care? Learn more or schedule a Lunch n’ Learn at