Children’s Dental Health Month: Healthy habits, healthy life

Parents never forget the first time their child smiles—seeing a child young, happy, and healthy is something we want to nurture and maintain. While we know we can’t keep our children young forever, it’s on us to prioritize their oral health at a young age, so they can count on a healthy smile to boost their confidence and promote good health for life.

One of the most common yet preventable childhood diseases is caries (also known as cavities or tooth decay). That’s why the American Dental Association started Children’s Dental Health Month in 1949 to shed light on the importance and benefits of good oral health.

Extracting the facts to fill in the truth

There are 700+ bacterial species in the mouth (both beneficial and pathogenic)⁠—the pathogenic bacteria live off the sugar your child eats and then create acidic waste that attacks tooth enamel.

Pathogenic bacteria prey on young children the moment their first tooth arrives. As we age, we open an even bigger door to welcoming bacteria. CDC reveals that:

  • More than 20% of children between the ages of 2-5 have one or more cavities.
  • 52% of children have experienced a cavity by age 8.
  • 90% of people 20 years old and up have experienced one or more cavities.

Untreated cavities can cause your child pain, promote new decay, trigger infection, and risk speaking, eating, and learning issues. These risks can lead to anxiety, missed time in school, and lower grades compared to other children.

Poor oral hygiene doesn’t just wear on your child’s smile. It affects the whole body:

Children's Dental Health Graphic

Keep your child’s oral microbiome in check

As parents, we can’t control bacteria, but we can control our protection plan.

We know the struggle: It can feel like pulling teeth to get your child to brush. A big reason children struggle with this is they don’t like the flavor of their toothpaste, yet they jump at the opportunity to indulge in things that taste good.

Parents are searching for a delicious turnkey solution that gets their child excited about maintaining good oral health. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Tasty habits keep cavity-causing bacteria away

We’re excited to announce that you can have it all: A kid-approved orange creamsicle-flavored oral probiotic that is easy to use, gluten-free, and vegetarian friendly without any artificial flavor, sweeteners, or colors. It is safe to use with orthodontic appliances, which are playgrounds for bad bacteria.

Our ProBioraKids® probiotic is uniquely designed to promote strong gum and tooth health through a balanced blend of bacteria…. Just the way nature intended.

Beneficial bacteria are essential for good oral health—they naturally colonize the mouth by crowding out bad bacteria for optimal protection against cavities. Additional benefits include fresher breath and whiter teeth without causing tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Watch Mark L. Cannon, D.D.S., M.S. share his success in treating his pediatric patients with our patented probiotics in a clinical study:

Backed by 35+ years of clinical research

Cannon reveals that the best thing we can do to prevent rampant early childhood cavities is to use a probiotic.

Give kids a new advantage in the fight for their oral health with ProBioraKids®, the new oral-care probiotic specially formulated for KIDS!