Follow the ProBiora3® super heroes as they charge into Battle of the Mouth! to knock out Tooth Decay, Gingivitis, and Bad Breath caused by “bad” bacteria.

This fun and educational comic book for all ages illustrates the power of ProBiora3® oral probiotics to naturally freshen breath, whiten teeth, and promote a healthy mouth.

Meet the Villains

Evil Decay

This nasty bacteria likes sticking on your teeth. He turns sugar in the food you eat into lactic acid, and that corrosive gunk starts eating away at the tooth enamel. Once he breaks through, his sharp bite keeps going until a cavity forms.

“Gingi” Gingivitis

A usual suspect for periodontal disease, this slime settles into your gums to cause chronic inflammation. He’s the type of bad bacteria linked to all sorts of health problems, including heart attacks, dementia, and diabetes.

Halitosis, aka Bad Breath

Your toothbrush and floss can’t get this creep, but your nose will tell you he’s around! In between teeth, below the gum line, and the crevices of your tongue are the usual hideouts for this foul-smelling bacteria.

Meet The Heroes


Scientifically known as Streptococcus Oralis strain KJ3®, PB1 is good at sniffing out Bad Breath on your tongue and pushing out Gingi from his best hiding spots. While he’s fighting those two, he also produces hydrogen peroxide, which gently whitens teeth.


Streptococcus Uberis strain KJ2®, aka PB2, works closely with PB1 to wipe out Bad Breath and send Gingi looking for another place to hide. PB2 also whitens teeth, like PB1, by producing hydrogen peroxide while fighting bad bacteria.


Streptococcus Rattus strain JH145®, known to his friends as PB3, plays a slightly different role. He populates the pores in your teeth where Decay likes to stick. But, PB3 does not create lactic acid, like Decay does, so PB3 leaves no room for Decay and produces nothing harmful to teeth.

Hailey the Hygienist

Hailey is the guide to good oral health. Free training provided by ProBiora Health gave her the knowledge she needs to answer questions about ProBiora3, explain how oral health and total body health are connected, and get patients the best deal on ProBioraPro, the highest concentration of ProBiora3 available only through dentists.

George the Patient

George is a young man who practices good oral hygiene by regularly brushing, flossing, and visiting his dentist. So, he can’t understand why his mouth feels so gross in the morning! With guidance from Hailey the Hygienist, George discovers a hidden world he never imagined—inside his mouth.