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Taking ProBiora’s 60-Day Challenge helps you and your family kick start a better oral-care routine, leading to better oral health.  To get started, SAVE 25% on any 60-day product or subscription (up to 3 months). Plus, subscribers receive FREE shipping.

This year, make a resolution that’s too easy – and too good – to break!

It’s so simple! Taken daily at bedtime after brushing, ProBiora oral-care probiotics are an easy way to make your new year’s resolution for better oral health an easy habit to keep.

Research has shown that it can take around 60 days to make a new habit stick. And with ProBiora, most users start noticing differences in as little as 30 days.

Every day, sugary snacks, drinks, stress, and many other factors contribute to the growth of bad bacteria in our mouths – the kind that leads to swollen gums, gum disease, tooth pain, cavities, and bad breath. Poor mouth health has also been linked to diseases affecting the heart, lungs, kidneys, and even brain development in young children.

That’s where ProBiora comes in! Our patented oral-care probiotics replace the good bacteria your mouth needs to stay its healthiest, crowding out the bad bacteria and rebalancing your mouth. Even going below the gumline, where brushing and flossing can’t reach.

We have products for the whole family, including your fur babies. That’s why taking ProBiora’s 60-Day Challenge is the easiest way to fast-track your family to better mouth and total body health in the new year, and resolution success!


At the end of the program, participants will receive a simple survey for a chance to win a $250, $150 or $50 Amazon gift card. We can’t wait to hear about your experience and progress with the 60-Day Challenge!

Product Information


Setting resolutions to be healthier in the new year can be easy despite studies that show that most New Year’s resolutions fail within the first couple of weeks. It’s easy – simply dissolve or chew one tablet a day after brushing. Experts agree that linking a new habit to an existing behavior or routine increases your chances for success, making it easier to turn a resolution into a healthy habit.

ProBiora oral-care probiotics are meant to be taken daily at bedtime after brushing. Simply chew or dissolve–it’s as easy as that.

Tip #1: Be consistent
Brush, ProBiora. Simply chew or dissolve ProBiora every night after brushing your teeth. It’s that easy.

Tip #2: Stay hydrated
Drinking water and avoiding sugary beverages will help you keep you hydrated and alleviate many other factors that contribute to the growth of bad bacteria in our mouths – the kind that leads to swollen gum, tooth pain, cavities, and bad breath.

Tip #3: Celebrate progress
Try ProBiora probiotics for the mouth for 60 days and celebrate your glow up as you notice whiter teeth, fresher breath and better mouth health. Let us know how you’re doing by leaving us a review too. In just a short period of time you’ll have something to celebrate, and your dentist will too.

Product Benefits & Highlights

What Everyone is Saying

Professional Quote

“ProBiora really compliments our treatment in the office by giving the patient something to do everyday that increases the health in their mouth. We see that their tissues are much healthier, the patient notices they don’t have as much odor and their teeth get whiter.”

– Patti DeMatteis, RDH, AS

Customer Quote

“I noticed a huge difference in the way my mouth felt and my breath smelled after only one night’s use. I am now three weeks in and I have a noticeable decrease in inflammation and my gums are more pink than ever!”

– John A.

Pet Influencer Quote

“To help with Kira’s bad breath and teeth, we use ProBiora Health! We just simply put the powder in with her food each day, and it helps restore the good bacteria in her mouth resulting in healthier gums, whiter teeth, and fresher breath!”

– Kira & Mom

About ProBiora

ProBiora is the original, dentist-recommended oral-care probiotic based on over 30 years of scientific research. ProBiora is the only probiotic for the mouth that contains a patented blend of the good bacteria, native to the mouth, that is needed to crowd out the bad bacteria that causes bad breath, cavities, gum disease and more, restoring the mouth’s natural balance. This is an important difference, as other oral-care probiotics contain bacteria from the throat or gut, and bacteria goes to where it can thrive.

All ProBiora probiotics for the mouth are gluten free and sugar free, with no artificial colors or flavors. Plus, they are safe to use with braces and other dental or orthodontic equipment.

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