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The results have been quite pleasant.

We are starting to see our patients on recare that we have had on the product for between 1/2 and 1 year now, and for the most part the improvements we have seen in these patients with the addition of ProBiora®Pro has been quite pleasant. Most have reduced the inflammatory process, quite remarkably and frankly I am really enjoying the fact that I don’t have to place patients on caustic chemical therapy to help resolve the inflammation of periodontal disease.

By extrapolation I would have to think that the caries process will also be reduced since we are continually recolonizing the pro bacteria and reducing the ability of the con bacteria from gaining a foothold.

– Dr. John C.

Patient is thrilled!

Patient 1
Seen on 12-20-2010 for hygiene appointment, deep pockets black coating on tongue (patient smokes) not healthy. Patient was advised to take 20mg of doxycycline BID for 6 months, she refused but decided to try ProBioraPro. Three months later at her hygiene visit 3-2-2011 the improvement was incredible. No more black discoloration on her tongue and pockets had reduces by 2mm through out.

Patient 2
Seen on 1-7-2011 for hygiene visit, patient under lots of stress, deep pockets, puffy tissue, bleeding. Dr. F. recommended SRP’s with anestetic in all four quads. Patient declined, instead she agreed to use ProBioraPro. Three months later, 4-26-2011 at her hygiene visit, what a tremendous change. Tight, healthy tissues no bleeding, less plaque and calculus through out.

Patient 3
Seen on 3-11-2011, for initial consultation. At that visit patient was advised of black hairy tongue, which patient said she had had for a very long time. She was given oral hygiene instructions for brushing her tongue, ProBioraPro daily, and quit smoking. Patient did immediately. In two weeks time, the black hairy tongue was gone completely. Patient had LANAP laser procedure to get rid of all the infected tissue. Patient was seen 5-10-2011 for a hygiene visit, there were no signs of infection or black hairy tongue. PATIENT IS THRILLED.

– Dr. Robert F. DDS

Family history of both parents with gum problems


This lady was a 40 yr old massage therapist from Patagonia and France. She first saw me 12-15-08 complaining of gums bleeding all over, and a family history of both parents with gum problems. Initial charting was done showing bleeding sites and pocket depths on almost all teeth in the 4-5 mm range.

She had 9 visits of hygiene from 12-08 to 3-11. Two of those visits were curettage of the entire mouth Jan 09. I have pocket probings for the initial visit, and three follow-up visits. Her pocket debts are much better, but she continues to bleed. Her mouth was significantly better follow the use of probiotics. Her tissue was not edemetous or inflamed. The only change in her regiment was the probiotics. She was about 75% compliant with them. Interestingly, not only did the inflammation improve in her mouth, but by report, her entire body was less achy. She is very sensitive to medication, and has allergies to aspirin and corn. She did a video testimonial, which I can forward. I have other pre-op and post-op photo’s too–I will forward them all.

– Dr. Alan S.

Think you guys are on to something

I saw two patients this morning for a 60 day reveal that used to always come back with generalized bleeding, the only thing we have changed is we put them on ProBioraPro. Got no bleeding on probing, gingiva looked pink and healthy except for one spot where they hadn’t been cleaning well. Think you guys are on to something down there that even idiots like me can implement.

– Patrick C. DM

ProBioraPro has become an integral part of my clinical protocol for treating periodontal disease

A probiotic supplement for the mouth – how brilliant! It only makes sense. For years, we have understood the rationale for using probiotics for gut health. How obvious to create probiotics dedicated to oral health. Needless to say, ProBioraPro has become an integral part of my clinical protocol for treating periodontal disease.

We see great results in soft tissue stability. The fact that ProBioraPro also helps restore the bacteria that protect against tooth decay is a bonus. To top it off, the tablets have a pleasant, light minty flavor and are so simple to use. ProBioraPro has definitely filled a gap in preventive dental care.

– Dr. Lisa S. DDS

Your product has made me a happy camper!

The results on those patients who have been taking it regularly are fantastic. Those who have taken a reasonable amount are still getting noticeable results.

Your product has made me a happy camper! Hard to achieve that in the hygiene business because the plaque and inflammation always manage to come back regardless of how well I clean!

– Sharon D. (Dr. Charles D.)

I am extremely happy I used this product and will continue to do so.

I had a problem with bleeding around #14 probing 4mm on the mesial in an otherwise healthy mouth (I brush and floss all day). I started taking the ProBioraPro and within 3 days the bleeding had stopped. After 3 weeks my probing was done again and I’m pleased to report I am back to 3mm.

The other thing I noticed when the bacteria was active I had a constant bad taste in my mouth, which I was sure other people could smell. That also has gone! I am extremely happy I used this product and will continue to do so.

– Gillie W. (Center for Dental Anesthesiology)