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Probiotics for oral care

Oral care probiotics can help balance the microflora of your patients oral health. ProBiora Health offers a convenient, safe, and effective method for augmenting the home oral care program you currently prescribe between regularly scheduled office visits.


Pioneering Research

Based on the pioneering research of Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD., the novel engineered oral care probiotics of ProBiora have been shown to produce antiseptic properties targeted toward dental pathogenic bacteria. An additional cosmetic benefit is that the probiotics have a significant whitening effect.


Professional Strength

ProBioraPro, the professional strength edition of ProBiora oral care probiotics, restores the healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth and offers a simple, easy-to-use method for supporting oral and systemic health.

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ProBioraPro is easy-to-use.


You can take ProBioraPro at any time of day and achieve results, but taking ProBioraPro at bedtime is more effective!


Let ProBioraPro tablet dissolve on your tongue.


See whiter teeth and have fresher breath in as little as thirty days.

ProBioraPro Best Practices

Keep bottle closed at all times. Do not remove the desiccant pack from bottle. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to heat and humidity.


Effective to use with dental applicances and sleep aids.


If you use mouthwash, wait 30 minutes before taking ProBioraPro.

How ProBioraPro Benefits Your Practice

  • A convenient and affordable treatment for patients
  • A beneficial revenue-generator for the practice
  • Available exclusively through dental professional referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics are live microbial organisms that are naturally present throughout the body. They are often referred to as “beneficial” or “good” bacteria. There are specific strains of probiotics that are beneficial for helping to make your pets’ breath fresher and promoting cleaner, whiter teeth. These probiotics are different from the good bacteria used to promote digestive health. The good bacteria in ProBioraPro work by crowding out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, resulting in fresher breath and cleaner, whiter teeth.

ProBioraPro is a professional strength version of our ProBioraPlus product. It is also bottled as a 90 day supply instead of a 30 day supply.

ProBioraPro is typically used following a professional cleaning to reestablish the balance of healthy, essential probiotics in the mouth. Patients should continue to use ProBioraPro for ongoing maintenance because the beneficial probiotic strains need regular replenishment to help maintain the proper bacterial balance.

maintenance because the beneficial probiotic strains need regular replenishment to help maintain the proper bacterial balance. Is ProBioraPro safe for dentures, caps, crowns, braces, dental appliances and sleep aids? Absolutely. Unlike other commercially available whitening products, the ProBioraPro probiotic tablet is completely safe and effective for use with dentures, veneers, caps, dental bridges, crowns, braces, dental appliances and sleep aids. It’s also a great way to provide additional support in maintaining gum and tooth health for those who wear oral braces.

ProBioraPro starts to work immediately. Most patients notice a difference within a month.

ProBioraPro tablets are 100% natural with a mild mint flavor and there are no known interactions with supplements, medications or mouthwash. Patients should consult their physician with questions regarding their medication. For optimal results, patients should wait at least 30 minutes after rinsing with mouthwash to use ProBioraPro.

No. ProBioraPro is shelf-stable at room temperature. The beneficial bacteria in this revolutionary probiotic tablet are freeze dried and activate on contact with your saliva.

A patient should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after the ProBioraPro tablet has dissolved in the mouth. This gives the probiotic bacteria time to adhere to tooth and gum surfaces and begin colonization.

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